Wednesday, October 19, 2011

New bedroom

Kerb requested pictures of our room. Probably because when she was here last all we had was a bed and all the walls AND ceiling were a midnight purple.
After months of it, I texted Matt one morning and said, "Sorry but i'm not spending one more night in our room like that. I cringe every time I walk in it. I'm going to paint it ok.. I'm seriously going to Lowes right now." He laughed, and of course said to go right ahead.
So I did. Its not fancy shmancy or anything. And while it didn't turn out exactly how I pictured it, I still like it. Especially thinking of how it was before. I'm still looking for some space fillers.
Oh, and there's pics of the yellow pillows I made this week :) 


Kristin said...

YAY! Thanks! Love the yellow and emerald together. So pretty. CAN YOU PLEASE MAKE ME SOME PILLOWS???! Those are fantastic. Thanks. :)

Adria said...

Love the sign on the wall!! You have turned into quite the decorator:)

Destiny Stonehouse said...

You awesome little homemaker you! We've lived in our house for 3+ years and haven't painted anything... except Olivia's room. And Robby let the dogs walk through paint and then on her carpet so she has pink paw prints on her floor:)

Matt and Heather said...

lol Destiny thats awesome. I think cute lil puppy paw prints add the perfect touch to a baby room :)