Monday, September 29, 2008


So for our little FHE tonight we decided to get ready for Halloween!!! We went to the Dollar Tree, where everything is literally $1. Its the sweetest place ever when it comes to stuff like this. I mean, you can definately tell we're poor newlyweds just doin our best to decorate for the holidays, but it was fun!

Now, if our apartment burns down, anyone cool with lettin us stay with you for a while?!?

The best idea ever

I'm pretty much addicted to popcorn...
But usually i'll throw some chocolate chips or m&ms in along with it. Its my favorite thing in the world. So i used to pop a bag and leave half of it in the bag figuring someone might want it later or something. But the mini bags are perfect. Just thought i'd share it with you :)

Monday, September 22, 2008

I've been waiting for so long....

Its finally coming back on this week.
I love my life.

Good times never felt so good...

One night in Hawaii we decided to get a little crazy... The locals loved us.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zo Baby

Little Zoey is gettin big super fast. And she has been such a good puppy. I know alot of it has to do with Blue entertaining her for us all the time. She just loves shoes... really loves shoes, which isn't ok with us. and she's a FREAK about food. she's a little fatty. She's starting to learn tricks and she's almost a pro at potty training now. She also finally learned not to run under Blue while he was peeing...It only took about 5 baths. I told matt before we got her that obviously Blue loves him more, and i'm ok with that. but I wanted our next pup to cuddle with me and follow me around and at least make me feel like i'm her favorite. And i got exactly what i ordered. She's the sweetest thing ever. In fact this very moment she's layin on my lap watching the fan spin around. Cant wait til she's 80 lbs.....

I just found this on the camera... Normally i would kill matt for taking pics while i'm sleeping. But i cant for this one

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hiking Hawaii

We went on a couple different hikes while we were in hawaii. I realized how out of shape i am when i was wanting to cry halfway up a hill. A super steep hill.... but when Jessica told us her 89 yr old grandpa did it, it made me feel a little bad about myself. Our first hike ended up overlooking the island. It was amazing. And the scenery along the way was beautiful.

My favorite hike was one that ended up at a waterfall where some of the boys went cliff jumping and swam. It reminded me alot of Costa Rica, Only Costa is alot more colorful.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Pearl Harbor

I insisted we go to the Pearl Harbor exhibit while we were here on the island... and its about the only thing I insisted on doing that we actually did.

It was actually really cool. We watched a short movie about what happened and then took a boat ride out to the USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL. It was so crazy how you had the whole scene laid out in front of you. I definately recommend it if you ever come here.

Whats in a name?

Kinda funny


Honeymoon in March, Costa Rica in May, and Hawaii in September... We're basically the luckiest people I know.

So we have been in Hawaii for a week now. And i'm telling you, a week is not enough. We are definately in paradise. Matt's BFF TJ from DC bought us plane tickets as a wedding gift... (Seriously, a card would have sufficed, or a target gift card...) But i'll take plane tickets to Hawaii anyday! Not only that, but TJ's girlfriend's (jessica's) mom owns a house in Kailua. It is GORGEOUS. And huge, and the view is amazing. There were about 10 other people there too. All friends or co-workers of TJ and Jess. Everyone was really cool. We had a blast. My only regret is that I didn't start blogging along the way... Now i feel like we have so much to blog about.

This is a pic of PART of our bathroom, just to give you an idea of the rest of the house.

Our view from the pool