Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Little Roommates

They watch tv with us, eat with us, clean with us, play WII with us, shower with us, do make up/hair with us(me), do laundry with us, and probably (I dont really want to know) sleep with us.
No, I'm not talking about Blue and Zoey, even though they fit the description. I'm talking about EARWIGS.
I had never seen one before living in this apartment, they are everywhere!!! Literally. Just stay in one spot for about 5 minutes and I pretty much guarantee you will see one (or 2). By now i'm over the Freaking Out stage. I've just learned to keep kleenex with me when I do my hair and make up and I smoosh them as they come.
I also blame the Earwigs for plumping up this lil' lady

They dogs eat em up like treats! They are our little bug exterminators.
I guess I should be grateful they aren't scorpions or centipedes (although I have found 1 of those). I'm also grateful they aren't this big....

No thank you.