Sunday, November 15, 2009

You Complete Me

The other day...
Matt- "Our dogs complete me"
Heather- "Oh yeah? the DOGS complete you? Sooooo I'm just..."
Matt- "Well the dogs complete me, but YOU make me whole"
Heather- "Completing is better than making whole. Complete is finishing something, you dont need anything else. Making whole is just... not as good"
Matt-"....Ok your the egg in my cake and they are the sprinkles on top"
Heather-"Thats better"
And just for the record....
com⋅plete [kuhm-pleet]
verb (used with object)
11. to make whole or entire: I need three more words to complete the puzzle.
12. to make perfect: His parting look of impotent rage completed my revenge.
13. to bring to an end; finish: Has he completed his new novel yet?
14. to consummate.

whole  [hohl]
–adjective 1. comprising the full quantity, amount, extent, number, etc., without diminution or exception; entire, full, or total: He ate the whole pie. They ran the whole distance.
2. containing all the elements properly belonging; complete: We have a whole set of antique china.
3. undivided; in one piece: to swallow a thing whole.
4. the whole assemblage of parts or elements belonging to a thing; the entire quantity, account, extent, or number: He accepted some of the parts but rejected the whole.
5. a thing complete in itself, or comprising all its parts or elements.
6. an assemblage of parts associated or viewed together as one thing; a unitary system.

So basically "Making whole" and "Complete" are exactly the same.
I know where I stand... right next to the dogs.
And its ok :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Do I LOOK like a fire hydrant to you?

I've always had mixed feelings about the dog park. The dogs LOVE to go run around and play with other dogs, BUT someone always picks a fight (whether its another dog or another owner), everyone is dusty or muddy, your clothes get slobbery from at least 15 dogs.... but they love it, and I love them.
But I think after our last visit, I made up my mind. And its going to be really hard to get me back there.
I'm standing there, minding my own business, and my leg gets warm...then wet....
I swear it took my mind 5 seconds to process what was going on before I even looked down to see a huge black dog, with his leg lifted, PEEING ON ME. I kicked it away and looked around to see if its owner was nearby so I could tell Blue to go pee on her.
And this lady goes *giggle*"oh sorry, was my dog trying to pee on you?"*giggle*
Me- "Uh yeah... and he did"
And that was it. She walked away. No "oh i'm sorry! I forgot to teach my dog not to pee on people!" or "I'm so sorry! Here, let me get my dog away from you"... I would cry if my dog pee'd on someone, I would be so embarrassed.
Needless to say, I probably wont be going back soon. Sorry Matt & Blue & Zoey :(