Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dog Beach!

Over the weekend we took the dogs to Dog Beach in San Diego. I guess it was sorta like taking the kids to Disneyland. They were non stop for 2 days. There were so many dogs there, which made it tons of fun. The water was still too cold to get in and swim with our crazy dogs but we got our feet wet :) Blue on the other hand was following the surfers WAY out into the waves. If Matt didn't run out there and call him back who knows what would have happened... We now call Blue "Hasselhoff".
It was a nice, relaxing weekend away. And it was fun spending all of it with the dogs instead of asking someone to watch them for us. I cant wait to go again!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Date Night

For a double date with Matt's lil bro the other night, we went Rock Climbing. It was so much fun! Kind of a nice to do something other than just dinner and a movie like we usually do. You can tell we're beginners because we were the only ones climbing in jeans... but that didn't hold us back, we're rock climbing champs now. I'm not gonna lie, my arms were burnin' after a while! But if you haven't tried it before, you really should.
Matty's life was in my hands, good thing i'm Super Duper strong
Then of course we had to end the night with Applebees
It was late...