Thursday, August 5, 2010


In a few months we will be moving from here...
To here...
A month ago if you would have told me we would be moving to Utah, I would have said you were definately crazy. But I guess what is really crazy is how fast things can change. Matt is movin' up in his company and that means we are movin' up to Utah. (Salt Lake area)
I'm excited/sad/nervous/anxious/scared... But i'm really proud of Matt :) And I'd go anywhere with him.
It'll be hard leaving family & friends, I've always live so close to everyone. But I know this will be good for us. I already told Matt i'm gonna have to go shopping for some warm clothes :) Especially if we are going to be moving in the middle of winter... But i'm excited about the weather and I got even more excited after we started house shopping (Utah is so pretty).
They are letting Matt work from Phx until i'm finished with my classes in December. And i'll do my externship up in Utah.
So come visit us :)