Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Wedding

A couple days ago Matt was checkin out our blog (I knew he would get into it) and he was wondering why i didn't do one of our wedding. I guess i feel like its old news, seems like its be a really long time already so i didn't even think about it. But I figured i might as well put some pics up :) Matt's cousin Daniel Dawson did our engagement and wedding pictures, Nick Sorenson did our wedding videos. Both turned out to be AMAZING. They did such a good job, everything turned out better than we imagined.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Boyd Family Reunion

Last week we went to a mini family reunion for the Boyd side. We all went to Vegas, where my older sister Jessica lives. There was no time for gambling (even though Matt would have had to leave me behind anyways... cradle robber), we went to the old Mormon Fort downtown, hung out in the forest eating hotdogs and m&ms, and we went to a natural history museum which sounds extremely boring but turned out to be one of our favorite parts of the trip. Theres six of us kids, 5 girls and 1 boy. 3 (4 tomorrow) of us are married and so far only 2 grandkids. But we love it when all of us can get together. Of course matt would rather not be around when all the sisters are together. He gets sick of us quoting Steel Magnolias and TRYING to sing whatever song is playing at the time... He had no idea what he was getting into.

We also watch The Dark Knight while we were there.... BEST MOVIE EVER.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Costa Rica

In May we went to Costa Rica with Todd & Kristin Erb. It was pretty much the greatest experience of my life. Matty and Todd had gone to central america a year before so for the most part they knew where to take us and what we should see. It was all so gorgeous. The weather was perfect and the food wasn't bad I'd go back in a second if I could.
We fed monkeys, went zip lining (AWESOME), white water rafting through the middle of the rain forest, swam under waterfalls, relaxed in natural hot springs, saw volcanoes errupting, went snorkeling, chilled on amazing beaches... It was priceless.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Blue and Roxy

I know our only blog so far is already about our dog Blue... But you'll probably see more of him than us on here.
My sister Shauna just got an English Bulldog named Roxy. Her is soo cute :) She's a tough little thing. Blue and her were best friends right off the bat. They were up playing the other night until about 2 o'clock in the morning then Roxy shared her bed with Blue. It was the cutest thing ever.
This is the kind of stuff we get excited about since we dont have kids.