Monday, July 7, 2008

Costa Rica

In May we went to Costa Rica with Todd & Kristin Erb. It was pretty much the greatest experience of my life. Matty and Todd had gone to central america a year before so for the most part they knew where to take us and what we should see. It was all so gorgeous. The weather was perfect and the food wasn't bad I'd go back in a second if I could.
We fed monkeys, went zip lining (AWESOME), white water rafting through the middle of the rain forest, swam under waterfalls, relaxed in natural hot springs, saw volcanoes errupting, went snorkeling, chilled on amazing beaches... It was priceless.


Brittney said...

Heather...I love that you guys went to Costa Rica! I went last year and it was a total blast...I'm adding you on my blog roll...I've been doing it for awhile but I'm so glad that you are too! Cheers!

Kristin said...

CUTE FREAKING BACKGROUND! Fess up. How many hours did it take to find it? My brother saw your blog for the first time tonight because i was telling him about mine. He saw you and goes, "Dude, Heather's HOTT." I said, "I know, right? That's why she's my best friend." :)