Friday, May 15, 2009

Happiest Place on Earth :)

Earlier this month we went to the Happiest Place on Earth :) DISNEYLAND!!! We went with sister and her lil family, their friends, and we took our 5 yr old newphew Kolby with us. (Thanks Petersens for watching Blue! And thanks mom and dad for watchin Zoey!)
I had never been to California Adventures before and I loved it! We didn't get a chance to go on any of the roller coasters... next time. But i definately cant wait to do Hollywood's Tower of Terror again :) Poor Kolby... we made him go on it with us.
It was so fun seein all the kids having fun, thats the best part. I cant wait to go back, Disneyland never gets old for me.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Snake Whispering

Last night matt ran in from letting the dogs out "Heather, come out here, hurry! Theres a snake!" I guess Matt saw all the dogs playing with something, then he saw that 'something' start moving. We ran out and sure enough there was a black and white California King Snake slithering around. It was a pretty decent size too.

Now, I LOVE snakes. i've had 3 Ball Pythons-Bubbles, Malyka, and Knot. And i've had 1 King snake-Twizzler... In fact, Twizzler may still be roaming my parents house for all we know... I woke up one morning to find his cage empty and he hasn't been seen since. It took us a good 6 months tell my mom, my dad thought it was best she didn't know...unless she was the one to find him :S I used to get calls from friends to ask me to come move a snake from the middle of the road or out of their yard. They were all bull snakes so I knew they wouldn't really hurt me. Anyways, I was pretty excited. And while I was 99% sure this was a King Snake, and that it wasn't poisonous, we were extra careful capturing it. We would have left it but there are too many kids and dogs running around our complex.

Matt was actually the one to get it in the bucket! (I was so proud!) He used a hot dog roasting rod we have for camping, to pick it up. So we have a snake in a bucket on our front porch... its saturday night, we have nothing else to do... LETS PLAY A PRANK ON SOMEONE! Lucky for all our friends, Todd and Kristin were out of town, Jader wasnt home, we put it on Monica and Derek's porch, rang the doorbell and ran, but they were at the movies so it didn't work either. (Guess everyone has a life on sat nights but us...)And everyone else lives too far away for a prank.

So I just put the snake into a pillow case and we took it up to South Mountain to live.

Matts pretty sure it was someones pet that got out... oh well i guess :S