Monday, December 29, 2008

Zoey's first Tattoo

I'm suprised this hasn't already happened... but she was just laying there, and matt had a marker in his hand... how could it not happen.

I think it looks good on her... having her parent's initials on her hip.

Poor Zoey.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Wright kind of Christmas

This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Boyd family, so we spent Christmas with the Wrights.

We started it out with the big family party at Matt's Grandparent's house. Good food, yummy cheese cake, and each family did their own skit. The kids did a little song then our family sang "Santa's coming back" (yeh!) our Christmas version of JT's I'm Bringing Sexy Back, by Britni :)

A week before Christmas we went to Jerome for the day. It was so much fun, I love going through all the little shops and museums. We even got to watch a glass blowing demonstration which was crazy! I cant wait to go back, its the perfect day trip.
Christmas eve we went to our favorite restaraunt, Carlos O'Briens (Best fundido ever) then got our hot chocolate and went to the temple to look at lights and listen to the program. Matty knew I was getting a little homesick, it was my first Christmas without my family so he did everything he could to make me feel at home :) We decided to watch A Christmas Story, so he had me pop the popcorn and he turned on Little Women, which is what me and my sisters always watch around Christmas. Poor guy watched the whole thing. He's perfect. I cried.

Christmas morning the dogs laid on their rug and worked on their huge, MESSY bone while we opened presents together. Then we went to his parents house for dinner that afternoon. Britni made an awesome dessert but I forgot what its called, i'll have to ask her again because I want to tell everyone about it...

We ended the night with a game of Monopoly, somehow dad ended up with about 15 extra $500 bills... he was smart sitting next to the banker... who wasn't paying attention... me.
But Matt and I still won. But i'm not gonna lie... we shouldn't have ;)
Good times :) We had a blast. It was an awesome 1st Christmas. I love spending time with Matt's family, seeing the different things they do during the Holidays. Its fun coming up with new traditions that Matt and I can start, and carry on from our families.
I hope you all had a great, safe Christmas. And have a Happy New Year! We love you all!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Benjamin Button and Booster Seats

Last night we went to see The Curious Case of Benjamin Button with another couple. It was the most interesting night at the movie theater that i've ever had... I have to blog about it.
1st of all, I have to tell you that we decided to go to the Chandler Theater because even though the AZ Mills Mall is way closer... its always full of rude little teenage thugs that ruin the movie..
When we got into the theater and the 4 front rows filled up with abnoxious teenagers, we knew it was going to be a LONG night... not to mention its already a 3 hour movie.
Not even an hour into the movie I see something falling on the right side of the screen and I hear people around us saying "Is the ceiling falling? What was that?" And down in front there was some commotion and people left. And a couple seconds later, in the row in front of us we hear "she's bleeding!" and a couple left...
No one was even paying attentiont to the movie anymore, we were all just wondering what the heck was going on... And who was interrupting my Brad Pitt movie...
Soon enough, just like I thought would happen, the movie stopped, lights came on and 2 managers were standing in the front. And one told us,
"Listen, 2 people are injured and the paramedics have to be called be someone threw BOOSTER SEATS at them and they were hit in the head. If anyone saw who it was, or if it was you, you need to let us know now, this is serious"
BOOSTER SEATS. Someone from the top of the theater threw one all the way down to the front and then another one right by us... It was the first time I didn't feel safe at the movies. People started freaking out and leaving, then other people started freaking out at the managers saying "Why are you letting people go! It could have been them!" But it was pretty clear that whoever did it had already left because the seats where everyone said they came from were empty.
Anyways, they said we could leave and get a refund, or stay for the rest of the movie and get a free pass afterward. So we stayed.
And the movie turned out to be really really good... but really long. Definately worth seeing. Brad Pitt is beautiful, and it was a good story. I just sat a little lower in my seat so my head was covered...

Friday, December 5, 2008


My sister Shauna and I went to a Jodi Picoult book signing a couple nights ago. I've never really had the desire to go to one... but it was pretty cool! She she talked about her books and research and told sories for about an hour then signed :) She's awesome. Go get her books. You'll love them.