Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Wright kind of Christmas

This year we spent Thanksgiving with the Boyd family, so we spent Christmas with the Wrights.

We started it out with the big family party at Matt's Grandparent's house. Good food, yummy cheese cake, and each family did their own skit. The kids did a little song then our family sang "Santa's coming back" (yeh!) our Christmas version of JT's I'm Bringing Sexy Back, by Britni :)

A week before Christmas we went to Jerome for the day. It was so much fun, I love going through all the little shops and museums. We even got to watch a glass blowing demonstration which was crazy! I cant wait to go back, its the perfect day trip.
Christmas eve we went to our favorite restaraunt, Carlos O'Briens (Best fundido ever) then got our hot chocolate and went to the temple to look at lights and listen to the program. Matty knew I was getting a little homesick, it was my first Christmas without my family so he did everything he could to make me feel at home :) We decided to watch A Christmas Story, so he had me pop the popcorn and he turned on Little Women, which is what me and my sisters always watch around Christmas. Poor guy watched the whole thing. He's perfect. I cried.

Christmas morning the dogs laid on their rug and worked on their huge, MESSY bone while we opened presents together. Then we went to his parents house for dinner that afternoon. Britni made an awesome dessert but I forgot what its called, i'll have to ask her again because I want to tell everyone about it...

We ended the night with a game of Monopoly, somehow dad ended up with about 15 extra $500 bills... he was smart sitting next to the banker... who wasn't paying attention... me.
But Matt and I still won. But i'm not gonna lie... we shouldn't have ;)
Good times :) We had a blast. It was an awesome 1st Christmas. I love spending time with Matt's family, seeing the different things they do during the Holidays. Its fun coming up with new traditions that Matt and I can start, and carry on from our families.
I hope you all had a great, safe Christmas. And have a Happy New Year! We love you all!

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