Monday, December 29, 2008

Zoey's first Tattoo

I'm suprised this hasn't already happened... but she was just laying there, and matt had a marker in his hand... how could it not happen.

I think it looks good on her... having her parent's initials on her hip.

Poor Zoey.


Ashley said...

hey! it has been a LONG time! ha ha so long that i was like who is heather and matt? lol like the tatoo very funny. ;) im doing pretty good! looks like your happily married!! hope its going good!

Tommy and Teisha said...

Cute-- what a good dog that he'll just let you draw on him.

The Arnell Family said...

hey heather! this is dayna arnell (penrod). my blog is private so thats why you can't see me! :) i found you on someone's blog so i thought i'd say hi! i hope things are going well! send me your email at and i'll add you to my blog list. oh and your dogs are so cute! my husband would be so jealous!