Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cant believe its 2009

New Years Eve is one of those holidays where I could care less if i'm out partying or at home watching a movie. And I dont like the thought of driving late at night with so many people drinking. But we're always down when one of our friends throws a party. We made plans at about 10 o clock the night before. We went to Jader's place with some other couples. It was alot of fun! We played Scene It, Mofia (Everyone always eventually gang up against Matt and Josh) ,a card game, there was yummy food (Adria I still want the recipe for what you brought!!! Recipe Night?!), and we watched the crazy motorcycle guy in Las Vegas. Good times, I'm glad we have such fun friends :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Svancara Family said...

YES recipe night!! should we pick a sunday out of the month?? We each can take turns cooking or we can all cook the same night so we have different stuff to try. PS thanks for putting the good picture of me up..i didn't see the others but i know they were way too up close to be good:)

Kristin said...

I'm psyched for recipe night! And can we add a shopping night? Heather, you always find the cutest stuff on sale!

Rachel Guymon said...

You did it Matt! i didnt know you were married (hi heather, Im matt's cousin) what a cute wife you have. :) congrats you guys.