Monday, October 17, 2011

Catch Up Numero Uno

I've been going back and forth trying to decided whether or not to keep up with the blog. But 2 people in the last 2 weeks have asked for an update, so we'll keep it up a little longer, for our 2 readers :) 
It has been a CA-RAZE-EE past couple of months, to say the least. 
We decided I should go back to AZ for 3 months to do an extra Vascular program at my school so that I can take my Registry test sooner. So from July-Sept we were apart most of the time. It was much much harder than both of us anticipated. 3 phone calls a day and visits every once in a while is just not enough. I felt so awful leaving Matt alone for 3 months. But he had the dogs to keep him company, and I missed all of them like crazy. Our good friends Monica and Derek Johnson offered up their guest room for me, and put up with me the whole time. They made me feel right at home and we are eternally grateful. It's a big deal having someone else live with you. 
I am glad I could have some girls nights with my az friends, and see family while I was there. 
A few days after I got to AZ our lives came to a haulting stop. Matt's beautiful older sister Britni passed away. Britni was a gorgeous, kind, generous, one of a kind person. I could honestly go on and on about her.  I can still hear her contagious laugh in my head. Our lives will never be the same. My heart aches for her little family, and all the Wrights. And never before have I been so grateful for the Plan of Salvation. I know she is being taken care of. And I know we will be with Brit again. 
Love you Brit


Kristin said...

AZ was so lucky to get you for a few short months! It felt like you never left. Sorry it was such a roller coaster in the beginning. I don't know how I'm going to get used to you being gone all over again. Thanks for all the outrageous girls nights! Can't wait for next time.

Adria said...

That is officially the last time I was able to fit into a normal pair of jeans *sigh*
It was so nice having you here. I wish we could of hung out more. School sure can keep a girl busy:)
Can't wait for our next visit up!!