Monday, October 17, 2011

From D.C. to New York

When I got home from Arizona, Matt had our corner table full of goodies for me (which he usually does for special occasions). Reisens, Andes, Dove Chocolates, and Plane Tickets! Score. He took me to Washington D.C, Philly, and New York to celebrate me FINALLY being finished wtih school. (Isn't he sweet).
We spent 2 days in D.C., drove to Philly for the day, then headed to New York for the next couple days. It was super exciting, I loved it. And it made me grateful for how easy it is to get around over here. I dont have to take a train, subway, or cab to get where I'm going everyday.
*sigh* the D.C. Subway. Where we had what I call our "Movie Moment" The doors on those things are only open for (I swear) like 10 seconds to let you get on or off. And if you decide last minute you're at your stop (like we did) you better hurry. So, our movie moment went kind of like this- 
Matt- "this is our stop.." (starts heading out the door)
I follow. Literally 2 steps behind him, because I turned to make sure we didn't leave anything sitting on the seat, i'm paranoid
Guess 2 steps behind is 2 much. 
The door closed right between us. I tried to stop them. Then tried to open them. 
Matt turned around and faced me, on the opposite side of the glass. I had my hand on the window, and we just stared at each other as I was taken away. 
Oh, and Matt had my cell phone
And all the money
So i got off on the next stop, got on the subway heading back to Matt, hoping HE wasn't coming to ME. 
Anyway. He was there. It worked out. But I almost peed my pants in the process because I was so nervous.
Renting bikes in D.C=Best decision ever. 
 Arlington National Cemetery was one of my favorite places. 
We really did have the best philly cheese steaks in Philly. Words cannot describe...

 Jersey Boys was amazing. I'm listening to the soundtrack at this very moment.
Thanks Matt for yet another amazing Trip. xoxo


Kristin said...

Send me the soundtrack! Definitely an excellent movie moment. I can't get over how gorgeous your hair is.

Adria said...

Welcome back!!! I am seriously laughing so hard right now thinking about you getting taken away in that train! I would of freaked out....and we all know my husband, he probably would of called 911 or something just to make sure we got back together safe:) LOL Looks like such a fun trip!! Let's plan a girls trip to NY!!