Saturday, March 5, 2011

Yay For Visitors!

Our good ol' friends the Erbs paid us a little visit last weekend. A much needed visit :) Unfortunately us girls were told we wouldn't need our cameras for our first night together, so we don't have pictures of the AMAZING ice castles we visited in Midway, but i'm hoping to go back soon. We finished off that night in steam rooms, hot tubs and a pool at the Zermott Resort. Awesome.
We got a ton of snow that weekend. Not as much as we were supposed to, but still more than we've had since we've been here. I loved it. And so did the dogs.  I did realize that snow boots might be a good investment for me. 
Erbs: Thanks for visting!!Good times. Maybe next time our house will be done. Come again soon! xoxo

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Kristin said...

I miss our trip! It really did feel like staying in our second home even though we were only there a weekend. Probably because being with you guys is second nature. I think we need to make Midway Resort a tradition. I bet that drive up during the day is to die for. THANKS FOR COVERING MY NILLS!!!!