Friday, October 2, 2009


I'm so excited its already October! Fall-Winter is my favorite time of year, and not only because of the 3 greatest holidays, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas...
I'm SO excited for...
-Pumpkin pie
-Dressing up
-Candied Yams
-Hot Chocolate
-Sweaters, Scarves and Boots!!!
-The smell of firewood burning
-Seeing my breath outside
-Lots of Family Time
-Seeing trees full of orange and red leaves, but I dont see that too much here.
-Temple lights
-Getting all bundled up
-Christmas lights in general
-Listening to 'Baby its cold outside' over and over and over...
-Hot apple cider
-Giving presents and goodies
-Baking 7-Layer Cookies (family tradition)
-Decorating our casa
-Snow (obviously i'll have to leave Phx)
-Candy canes

Although i'm sure i'll be missing flip flops and swimming pools in about 2 months, I cant wait!


The Arnell Family said...

you just said everything i've been thinking the last week. yay for fall! i couldn't wait to put up fall decorations in my house!

Kristin said...

Yes, diddo to all of it! Love the new blog theme. So cute. Especially that sexy white face of yours. ;)