Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meet the Wright Kiddos

Last year, we stepped into the Gene Machine (at Dave & Busters) right after we got married to see what our future children will look like. And then we regretted it.
Heres our little Princess... (for all of you that ask when we're gonna have kids...heres our reason for waiting....)

Well tonight we decided to try it one more time. Maybe our genes got a little cuter, who knows. Heres our little stud, Matt Jr.

Not so bad huh? Sure he looks like he's wearing lip gloss, and I think i'm a mean mom for putting him in that turtleneck ( I hated them when I was a kid). But over all, I think we did ok!

We're still not in any hurry... but we'll be crossing our fingers for a boy, for sure.

And of course we'll love them no matter what they look like :)


Adria said...

that's so funny! i think next time we do that we are going to pick a different race:)

Stevenson's said...

You guys are so funny. Now you need the real deal to compare to the science of technology