Monday, October 5, 2009


Just a couple things we consider exciting... Lots of changes but we love where we are right now. Life is good :)
1. I went to my first day of school today!!! After finally figuring out some kind of plan for us I decided to go to school for Diagnostic Medical Sonography at West Coast Ultrasound Institute. I'm really excited about it!!! I did have a hard time leaving my job. I loved it there, and i'll miss them but we both feel good about this decision :) I can't wait to start working again!
2. I feel like this counts... I cut my hair :) I love it, and cant wait to go even shorter next time. Yes, everytime I see beautiful, long hair I get a little tear in my eye, but I'm glad I finally did it, I'll stick with it for a while.
3. For #3 I wish I could say we found another place to live (rent). A place a little bigger, with a backyard for the dogs, a little closer to school and Matt's work... is this too much to ask? Everyone is telling me how its so super duper easy to find great rental houses right now... WELL??? Its frustrating. So for now we'll stay here in our little apartment. Its really not so bad, and I'm ok not packing up and scrubbing walls right now.
4. We booked our next big VaCa!! I'm so excited. We haven't really gone anywhere since Hawaii last Sept ( I know, poor us right?) but i've been craving a big trip. Last week we booked our tickets to ITALY!!! I'm beyond excited. My whole life when someone asked me "Wheres the one place you want to go?" I always answered 'Italy'. I love my wonderful Matty for making it happen so soon! We're going next March during my school break. Cant wait!
5. For the very first time... I WON on Ebay!!! I know that may not be exciting for everyone, but its kind of a big deal to me. Bidding is intense. And I know my dad, the Ebay King will be proud :)


Kristin said...

LOL. You're so funny. That's what got Todd addicted to ebay too: WINNING. I like the buy it now option. I'm way too impatient to bid. I'm so excited for your new career! Should you ever need a stress reliever, especially around finals, I'll come clean your house for you. :)

andrea said...

Where are the pics of the new 'do? It's so fun to have something to look forward to--can't wait to hear about Italy in the spring.

Good luck with school!

Adria said...

I love ebay AND I love your hair! It really made me want to chop mine off again. I'm so excited for you starting the school, I wish I was there with you at the same time:)

I found a really good website to help you find rentals. It's

Tommy and Teisha said...

Congrats on getting into school and on winning your first item on Ebay (but beware of the addiction)-- Italy! I am jealous but it is better to go now then when the kids come.