Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Yes, its GLADE"

The other night we went to Matts cousins house for family dinner and it smelled sooo good. The house, not the food (well that smelled good too). Matt went on and on about the smell and had to know what kind, what scent, and where Joanna got it from. Well it was Glade, Sweet Pea Lilac. At Sams Club they have 5 pack refills for like 9 bucks.
So of course I went the next day and picked some up. I'm kind of obsessed with the smell of our house too because of Blue and Zoey. I really dont want to end up having the house where people dont wanna come over because it smells like the dogs. :S We try.
Anyways it smells sooo good :) I love Glade now. And i'm sure everyone thats reading this is like 'yeah your way behind, we've had glade for forever'. But i just thought i'd share our new favorite scent. (and i'm having a hard time coming up with blog topics) Try it :) And the hawaiian one.


Svancara Family said...

i don't think you ever have to worry about people not wanting to come to your house! i think i might go buy that, ive never tried that before! i have tons and TONS of candles laying around that house that i never use because i don't feel like the make my house smell good! thanks for the tip! when is the next recipe night?

Matt and Heather said...

Me too! we have so many candles, and i feel like they only smell good for a minute.
I'm down for a recipe night whenever! We'll have to figure out a time when it works for all of us... March is so crazy already.

Jessica said...

Awesome! I'll have to try it sometime!