Monday, February 16, 2009

V DAY!!!

Matt was so good to me this Valentines Day. He's the best :)
He gave me a full on pedicure while we watched Romeo and Juliet, Felt so good :) Then made me some steak and lobster for dinner! It was so so tasty! He's a good lil' chef. Then he suprised me with some Brighten jewelry and of course, roses :) I feel bad for just getting him a few random things. He's way to good to me. ASU had a free choir concert so we went to that, which was actually pretty good, even though it was all in german. After we stopped off for a McFlurry and coke.

Best V Day ever. Thanks baby


Treess said...

Spoiled little girl! Smart husband!

Kristin said...

So cute! LOVE the jewlery. Oh ZO! German concert.. interesting! props to Matty for finding something cool to do. :)

Barker said...

lol...'even though it was all in german'. That's awesome, you should keep him. And the dog.

Svancara Family said...

i'm so rude i didn't even ask you last night what you did for v day...sorry!! what a sweetie you have, matt isn't so bad either:)