Sunday, March 1, 2009

10 yrs...And nothings changed

So I just looked at my friend, Kristin's blog. Her husband, Todd, and my husband Matt are bffs.. And me and her have basically been inseperable since our 1st double date. We love hearing the crazy stories of our husbands before they were our husbands. Anyway, When I saw her blog I started crying because I was laughing so hard at her most recent post. So I asked her if I could steal it... Thanks Kerb :)
Matty and Todd were dorks when they were younger... as you can see in the pics below. I love hearing all their stories. Their 10 yr high school reunion is coming up this summer so they've been telling alot of stories lately and talking about old friends. So Kristin got out the year book and some pictures and shared some. Its so funny how alot...acutally MOST of the predictions came true.
My crazy Matt.

I, Craig Lewis, predict that in 10 yrs Matt Wright will be crying over the failure of his book titled "How To Be Cool Like Me." He'll be working on his second book "I Think I'm Funny" while Trevor writes "Matt Wright's Not Funny."
I, Joanna McCarthy, predict that in 10 yrs Matt Wright will try the tanning bed once again and will get burned with a Playboy bunny sticker on his chest. He will become a successful business man with a beautiful wife.
I, Brandon Reader, predict that in 10 yrs, Matt Wright will still become a nerd all over again and no one will talk to him, but his mom, and will come looking for me and kylan to take lessons on How To Be Cool and Good With The Ladies.
I, Leah Ohlin, predict that in 10 yrs Matt will still be running the streets in womens underwear in the middle of the night. He will probably still be single because he wont give up his ladies' man ways, but he'll always be making me laugh.
I, Todd Erb, predict that in 10 yrs Matt Wright will still be searching for the "perfect woman", he will think his fashions are the coolest, and rip on my pimp tennis shoes. He will be excommunixcated for getting a tattoo that says "I pimp your mom" and lying about doing backflips on his snowboard.

We, Melissa Davis and Nissa Bynum, predict that in ten years Todd Erb will still think women are "the devil". He and Matt will have too many factors for either of them to remember. He will grow up to be a grouchy old man who reads history books, but only after his days of being a war crazed janitor with wild flashbacks.
I, Leah Ohlin, predict that in then years Todd Erb will still be the cheapest guy I've ever met, even though he'll be rich. His wife will be embarrassed to be seen with him in the tennis shoes he's had for 15 years.
I, Sterling Wright, predict that in ten years, Todd Erb will have a fine woman who wants him, but he will be a pee face and not call her and call me instead. I'm still going to have to dress him and tell him to slow down when he walks. He will own the school like his father before him, and all the teachers will kiss up to his kids.
I'm sure I dont even have to mention which predictions came true andn which didn't. But i'm not gonna lie, when I saw the one about matt running the streets in womens underwear at night... I got a little concerned. I guess he finally gave up on looking for "The perfect Woman" though. Wonder if he still has that hippie outfit...


Jessica said...

Ha ha! That's so funny! Todd looks exactly the same, but Matt doesn't really at all! My 10 yr reunion is this year, too...yikes! I'm old! :)

Jessica said...


Kristin said...

Yeah, like Jessica said, the most accurate prediction so far is the one that says he'll become a successful business man with a BEAUTIFUL WIFE! Oh, and what Todd said about his fashion sense. :) And I would argue the prediction about looking for the perfect woman was true too. If he already started looking for the perfect woman in high school, it did technically take him ten years to find you. Don't be surprised when everybody at that reunion rolls their eyes when they see him with a young, hot, little blonde on his arm. They'll all be thinking, "I knew he'd never settle for anything less..."

Tommy and Teisha said...

This is too funny-- when I met Matt, Todd was already up in Provo so Mat was always with Mark. I always thought Matt and Mark were best buds tell Todd came down to Az. The spark was too noticeable and cleary these pictures sho why.