Sunday, September 15, 2013

Home At Last

I just looked next to me and saw 3 teeny babies and I laughed. Kind of they way I laughed when I was laying in bed last night listening to 3 babies grunt and suck their binkis and wimper from 3 different cribs. A little surreal. I still can't believe we have 3. And all 3 are FINALLY home :) Little Sterling Claire joined us at home on Thurday :)

No more NICU
No more having to walk down the long hallway that smells like B.O. everyday
No more living on cafeteria and fast food (we'll see)
No more blood transfusions, heel pricks, IV's, beeping machines...
No more wondering who is taking care of my babies when we're not there
No more having to say goodbye to my babies when I go home every night, without them.
No more leaving my phone ringer on super loud in case the hospital calls in the middle of the night
No more sleep :)

It's been a crazy, emotional, difficult, humbling experience the past 2 + months. We have tough little babies. I know I've said it a zillion times. We feel SO blessed. Having babies in the NICU is something that you don't fully understand until you go through it yourself. I'm grateful for the staff at Banner Good Samaritan for making it as easy as possible on us. But I can't say I'll miss the place ;) They've had amazing doctors and NP's and nurses and RT's caring for them. A few of them are more like family to us now. The poor kids are probably wondering who's idea it was to send them home with 2 inexperienced parents like us. We'll get the hang of it... hopefully :)

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Kristin said...

Seeing them together! On your couch! Gosh, I love this. And wow, just like you said, it's easy to notice how much Sterling and Cash are alike. Thank you for posting all of these!! I could feast my eyes all day, so keep it up. xoxxx