Monday, October 14, 2013

Bluezer Woozer

The hardest part about having pets is eventually having to say "goodbye" to them. Yes, we are "those people" who probably love our dogs a little too much. Blue, or, Bluezer Woozer as I call him, has been with us since the beginning of our little family.  Matt got him before we were married, and if you know us, you know how much he's a part of the family.
He's been pretty sick the past few weeks and we found out he had a tumor in his abdomen. We had to put him down about a week ago. It was honestly the saddest thing ever, its been so weird not having him around. He was the best, most loyal, gentle, loving pup ever and we miss him so much.
Not only am I SUPER sad for our other dog Zoey, But it breaks my heart the the kiddos don't get to grow up with him. The few weeks that they were home with him, he loved to be as close as possible.

Love you bluezer!


Kristin said...

Can't believe his day came so soon. I'll never forget the one time we went running together, and he stopped every five minutes to poo... And I didn't scoop it because it was Runner's poo, you know what I mean.... Or how about when he played his role so perfectly in the movie we made about the birthday toothbrush! He was so money. Best Boxer ever. He will be so missed!

Destiny Stonehouse said...

I'm so sorry!! And I know exactly how you feel :( Big hugs!!