Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Its been a big week for us. And for some reason I haven't slept as well ;) Worth it.
Our boys got to come home! Jones came home first on Saturday, then Cash on Sunday. Sterling should be able to come home tomorrow!
I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime for them to be able to come home. Jones came home after 75 looong days in the NICU and Cash after 76, one day shy of their due date :)
I've loved having these two snuggle buggles around, but I miss Sterling like crazy because I haven't been able to go to the hospital as much. I seriously can't wait til tomorrow so I can have all 3 of my babies at home, where they should be.
It's been a long, hard 2 months, and I know the hard part isn't over yet. But we're pretty lucky parents.

The boys are big and strong now, almost 7 lbs! Cash will need some follow ups with a cardiologist, and Jones with a Nephrologist, and there's no telling how far behind they will developmentally, or what lung issues the could have later on. But over all, they are healthy, adorable babies :)
Little Sterling is doing so well :) I can't believe how big she is now. Cant wait til tomorrow!
 Jones' first night home, being the only baby he was definitely spoiled.
And its a good thing we have 3, because we didn't really like taking turns :)
 The dogs are doing surprisingly well at just leaving the babies alone. We dont let them touch them, obviously. This is the closest Zoey's ever gotten and it didn't last long. But they certainly like to stay close to them.
Yes, i'm a mean mom :) And dont worry, I only made them wear the hats for pictures. I cant help myself

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Kristin said...

Oh Heather, those hats!!! You are killing me. I was so lucky to be able to hold those two cuties for a few minutes on Tuesday, and I can't wait to hold Miss Sterling. It really was so sweet to watch you be a mommy at home. You're so amazing, and so strong. These kiddos are the luckiest.