Sunday, January 10, 2010

Breaks over already?!

I've been a Blog Slacker. Even on my 2 weeks off from school I couldn't seem to find a minute between movies and naps to update. So here it goes...
Christmas was in Winslow this year with the Boyds. To put it in a nutshell-games, soda, movies, rockband, Super Mario Wii, shooting guns, dog heaven, family, presents, good times :)
Matt's new hunting knives. In case he winds up on some magic island and has to hunt wild boar for food. Watch out John Locke. P.S Cant wait for season 6! :S
I always love getting new sweat pants. :) Seriously, I do

Trying out Matt's new gun.
I can't believe its already 2010. But i'm happy about it. Its alot more fun to write than 2009 for some reason. Unfortunately I cant seem to find our New Years Party pictures on my computer. And even though Matt has shown me 1000 x's how to get pics from his fancy shmancy camera onto the computer, I cant ever figure it out. And its unfortunate because it was an 80's party and people went all out. Personally, I realized I'd love to crimp my hair everyday and wear big sweatshirts with leggings. The party was fun :) Happy New Year everyone!
Now its back to work for Matt and back to school for Me. Cant wait for our next break.... ITALY!!! I'm counting down the days and I keep meaning to learn Italian...


Adria said...

you look so bad a in that photo;)

so jealous about your trip!! that is going to be so awesome!!

can't wait to see your 80's pictures!

Kristin said...

I'm not usually a a huge supporter of things that can kill Bambi, but that shotgun is SICK. I love how you look like you've wanted sweatpants your whole entire life and just got your first pair... priceless. :)