Saturday, December 12, 2009

American Idol... here we come!

Josh and Kristine held a little Karaoke party at their casa...

The New N*SYNC
Spice Girls (of course...)

Snoop Dogg and...some other rapper, i cant remember his name

Even a couple Lady Gaga's
Dont cha?!

*Baby its COLD outside!*
If it was a contest, Kristine definately won with her Lady Gaga impressions. Hands down.


Adria said...

i love your facial expression in the don't cha song!! you totally rocked it last night:)

i need to come up with a new nickname for matty, something really gangsta!

Kristin said...

I put Matt's name in the Gangsta Name Generator, and it dubbed him "Tree Trunk Arse Star". And then I tried the mafia generator and it came up with, "Gino Hankypants". Take your pick...

Kristin said...

Todd's Baby Got back gangsta name: "White Mofo Rhino Banga"

Matt and Heather said...

i LOVE the nicknames.
From now on Matt is Gino Hankypants.
Its official

Stevenson's said...

Oh dang, I really was sad I didn't come. But glad I got to see the pics, and some videos. You were really puttin it out there, I love it!