Friday, December 11, 2009

MJP and The Wrights

My friend Monica Johnson is an awesome photographer, and was kind enough to take our pics this year. Some people *cough*Todd Erb*cough* think you shouldn't take pictures until you have kids... But I say why not? They are 'Family Pictures' and this is our little family for right now. So make fun of us... or dont. But I wanna get Monica's name out there too :) Her website is on my blog list
Monica Johnson Photography.
Thanks Monica.
Thanks Derek (her husband) for helping control our dogs, they can be poopheads. And they were.


Tami said...

Those are such cute pictures of you guys..and yes, that's your family right now! Way to go!

Monica and Derek Johnson said...

Thanks for the credit! I appreciate it! :) You guys are the best!

Stevenson's said...

OH I think you are totally allowed to take your family photos and glad you guys do! You two are adorable, those are some great pics!

andrea said...

You two are so photogenic! I'm glad your getting pics taken now because when you have kids, it's hard to remember to get pics of just the two of you. The kids are always stealing the spotlight! :)