Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Buried Life

'The Buried Life' is a new show on tv about a group of friends that are on a mission to complete their list of "100 things to do before you die". Not only are they checking off their list, but for every thing they do on their list, they help someone else do something on theirs. While alot of the things on their list aren't exactly things I want to do...It got me thinking about what I DO want to do before I die....
Dont worry, Its only a list of 20 things so far. (in no particular order)
1. Meet Reese Witherspoon
2. Swim with dolphins
3. Go to Italy..........(i'm checkin this off in March... WOO HOO!)
4. Learn to play guitar
5. Be a mom :)
6. Play with monkeys. (I'm trying to decide if being surrounded by them in Costa Rica counts)
7. Grow my hair out again. (I think it may actually take the rest of my life)
8. Adopt a child
9. Attend a talk show taping (Either Regis & Kelly, Ellen, Or The Doctors)
10. Visit Nauvoo
11. Scuba Dive
12. Be on a game show
13. Pet a white tiger
14. Go to London
15. Dedicate a week to just doing geneology (mom, your my hero)
16. Sky dive
17. Read the whole Book of Mormon, front to back, in a reasonable time period. (I know, its sad, I've started it at least 27 times, and jumped around, but I want/need to read it front to back straight through)
18. Design my own house
19. OWN our own house
20. Go to Korea with Matt

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Kristin said...

Top of my list:
1.Visit every continent
2.Invent something amazing
3.Have a slew of kids that say "britches" instead of "pants"
4.Write a book
5.Run a marathon
6.Have one (at least) of my kids marry one of your kids