Sunday, November 2, 2008


We had our Halloween party last night and it was such a blast!
Kristin is an amazing cook and we all got to enjoy her soup out of a pumpkin, cheese fondu, tamales... and so much more. She's quite the little party planner. All I can really take credit for is the scarecrow cookies that were "too cute to eat" ( I get it guys...i wont bake anymore), and the eyeball deviled eggs that apparently still had shell peices on every one. Thank you Matt for taking the blame for it last night. I'm glad nobody was hurt. I was peeling in a hurry... wont happen again.

Everyone's costumes were awesome. We had everyone from Johnny and June to UFC fighters to just plain freaky lookin guys...we think it was Daniel T... :S Matt was Ricky Bobby from Taladega Nights and I was his wife Carly. Although some of the night Matty looked more like Joe Dirt... he liked the wig.

We played a little game of Mofia, which got a little outta hand. We thought Tinkerbell was gonna kick a UFC fighter's booty and we should have known with the Stevenson brothers and Matt in the same room things were gonna get a little out of hand...

My sister Ali (Tinkerbell) dominated the boys in apple bobbing, i'm so proud.
And yes of course we dressed up the dogs... Blue was a pimp, Zoey was a princess and My sister's English Bulldog was a cow. I'm sure they had a blast too :)


Kristin said...

Listen, I thought your cookies were DELICIOUS. And how pissed were Matt and Mama Erb when you tried to throw them away? Come on now! The deviled eggs were devoured. Thanks a bajillion for everything you did! I definitely couldn't have done it all alone. The decorations were so cute. I ended up with a couple of your hanging skeleton dudes. I'll bring them to you on Thursday!! Woot Woot!

Troy and Jessica said...

Awesome pics! I wish I could have been there! It's been a few years since I've dressed up for Halloween. Maybe next year. But by then we'll probably be in Timbucktoo (sp?) and no one will ever see us again... :( Unless you move with us... :)