Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween fun with the Fam

I know my blogs have been a little mixed up... but i'm going back to Halloween :)
We spent it at Matt's parent's house handin out candy and trick or treating with the nieces and nephews. Their costumes... were awesome. Made me wish i was young enough to go door to door again...
Zach-Shadow Ninja, sounds dangerous huh
Ally-Sleeping Beauty/Unicorn which was the sweetest costume ever
Kolby-Na na na na BATMAN
Lexie-The cutest spider i've ever seen
Mom made us all some bomb chili and we hung out in the driveway checkin out the neighborhood costumes... good times :D


Svancara Family said...

you guys should move closer to us...doesn't that sound like a good idea?!?! we had a lot of fun with you guys last weekend, let's get together soon.

The Petersen Post said...

thanks for the fun evening. we love you guys.

Troy and Jessica said...

I swear I already commented on this. Cute pics! Your doggy babies are too cute dressed up! You can go to the movie with Kristen, it's ok. :) As long as you still see it with me. :) LOVE YOU!

PS...Ali's starting a blog! Woo Hoo!

Kristin said...

I'm still madly in love with my version of Edward, so of course I'll watch it with you when it comes out on dvd! The second time I went to see it with Mama Erb, they showed the trailer for Harry Potter 6... sigh. I can't wait! They seem to be making them better and better. :)