Thursday, October 9, 2008

Zero Creativity

I love Halloween... But for some reason I spend way too much time thinking about what we are going to be... Heck, we dont even have any plans for Halloween but i'm going crazy not being able to think of any ideas. All of matt's ideas consist of him being something big and scary and me being bloody and usually dead...

Last year we were Jack and Sally from Nightmare before Christmas. They were actually pretty sweet costumes.

Any ideas?


andrea said...

Love your costumes from last year! I don't know if you need any help.

We've been Pedro and Deb one year. And Marsha and Greg Brady another. Could you incorporate your dogs somehow??? Good luck.

Barker said...

I feel so bad for you. You have no creativity. You dont have precious halloween decor, you never make cute scrapbooks or say clever things via text, blog, space or face. You're so not pretty or talented. I feel so bad for you.

You know what I mean.

Barker said...

Here are some ideas I like:

Burger King and Dairy Queen
Bug and can of Raid
Barbie and Ken
Dannie and Sandie from Grease
Dog and Firehydrant
Regis and Kelly

Troy and Jessica said...
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Troy and Jessica said...

Shauna, Heather's "not ugly, she's skinny"! Good ideas! If Matt really loved you, he'd let you guys be Bella & Edward. Tell him make an everlasting vow and prove his love to the world by doing this...this is my idea of fun! What else is there?