Saturday, October 4, 2008

Camping and Twilight

Well I wanted to post this a month ago when it happened, but i've been waiting for my sister to send me the pictures.... For Labor Day we went camping up around Show Low. My sister Jessica and her family and in-laws were camping so we set up kinda in the same area. And Todd and Kristin joined us for a couple days. The dogs had a blast, Jessica and Troy have Zoey's sister Tayah so it was kinda fun seeing them play together, and Blue loves being able to run around all day.And the boys got to feel like men chopping wood and building HUGE fires.And Todd let us shoot his gun. It was sweet.

So to explain the pictures below... I'm a Twilight freak. I was immediately obsessed with those books. Matt even started reading it with me ( and enjoyed it) until Todd informed him that it was written mostly for teenage girls. I still tell him that if he wants to read them I promise I wont tell anyone... My sisters all ordered these shirts that say "team Edward" or "team Jacob" depending on which character you liked more. So i had to get one... and I couldn't get me one without getting Kristin one. We had to be dramatic about it because we didn't tell our husbands about them before this trip... and when we took our sweaters off revealing the shirts we got the reaction we pretty much expected; eye rolling and "Are you kidding me"'s.

We're not ashamed

Anyways, Jess thanks for finally letting me have the pics and Matt, thanks for putting up with me and my obsessions.


Troy and Jessica said...

Who's the hot one in the bandana? :) Go Twilight! I'm just glad there are people out there as obsessed as I am. At least I'm not the only freak out there. :)

Kristin said...

YAY! The pics are finally up! And who you calling "freak", Jess? WE certainly weren't wearing bandanas on OUR heads. Pff... freak. :) Thanks for having a camera handy! That was a classic moment.

andrea said...

I'm totally with you guys in the Twilight obsession. Go Team Edward! I don't have the shirt, but I'm an honorary member.

Andrew read all of the books. He even wrote some hilarious blog posts on them. Check it:

If you search his blog for twilight, you'll even find a rap video and other funny posts....if you have a little time on your hands and want some laughs. :)

Barker said...

omg. it looks like you're shooting Matty in he back of the head on the top pictures.

i love the puppy pictures.

I love my team jacob shirt :)

Svancara Family said...

I am so happy to hear that you ordered the "team edward" shirt vs "team jacob"! Looks like you guys had fun!