Monday, October 20, 2008


I Got Tagged! Geeze took long enough :) jk. I was tagged by Corie Green;
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1. We are a popcorn family. And when i say 'we'... I mostly mean me. Everytime we watch a movie (or House Marathons) we have to pop the corn before we push PLAY. And according to me, no bowl of popcorn is complete without either m&m's or chocolate chips melting in it.

2. Speaking of House... WE LOVE THAT SHOW. House and The Office are our 'must see shows' every week. And lucky for us, every sunday theres a marathon of House on. He is soo funny. And if you've ever seen it, you know what i mean. He's such a jerk but it cracks me up. And the crazy thing is... in real life he has this sissy voice and an english accent! You'd never know it! Seriously... If i find the interview we saw him on i'll post it. Its weird. And The Office... well if you've seen the show i dont need to explain anything. Its usually the funniest half hour of the week. And I'm pretty sure matt has a crush on Pam

3. Matt IS the Dog Whisperer. Maybe its because he read 3 books on dog training/psychology before he even got Blue, or maybe its because him and blue have an unusually close relationship ( I know they're in each other's heads)... but He's the best dog trainer/owner ever. And Sometimes I wonder if he would choose them over me if he had to choose. The other night i was cracking up, Matt was of course, wrestling with Blue, and he said to me, "What if Blue is actually a person inside of a dog's body. Sometimes i really think he is... he's so... human-like. Seriously Heather, think about it". So i thought about. For 2 seconds. And now i'm thinking my husband is a little crazy :)

4. We have been extremely lucky our first year of marriage. Its been an AWESOME 7 months. March-Honeymoon (Mexican Rivera Cruise).... May-Costa Rica!!!.... September-Hawaii!!!!
But believe me.... we're probably not doing anything for the next 5 years. And i'm ok with that... We always enjoy a nice weekend at home :)

5. Because Matt went on his mission to Korea, we have korea in our office, our bookshelves, our livingroom, our restaurant choices, our kitchen cupboards, And i'm not complaining. I really enjoy it! Korean food is probably one of my fav foods now! Its awesome and everyone should try it at least once. But theres is no way you'd ever get me to sleep in our office for a night. He has freaky korean masks hanging up in there... and little statues. But i think its cool learning about a different culture. And i like hearing Matt speak it every once in a while.

6. We have the greatest family ever. We're so blessed. Matts family and my family are so different from each other, but both unblelievably awesome. After getting married, I gained 2 more sisters and 3 more brothers :) And Matty gained 4 sisters and 4 bros. And we both got lucky with parents-in-law. I've heard horror stories before from friends and family about the dreaded in-laws, and I consider myself extremely lucky.

So... I tag Jessica, Shauna, Brit, Becky, Kristin, Andrea and.... Whoever else hasn't updated their blog in a while :) Enjoy!


Kristin said...

Hooker, I love you and all, but I can't be tagged again. You can read my older posts to find my tagged one. :) We on for tmr?

Matt and Heather said...

Kristin, yes you can, do it. now.

Treess said...

Love hearing that you love your family! We love you too! (Both)