Tuesday, May 7, 2013


*sigh* More than halfway there! I'm almost 22 weeks, and we know i'm not carrying any longer than 35 weeks and I'm not going to lie... I'm so not ready yet. Emotionally I dont feel ready and if you take a look at my nursery you will see i'm clearly not. I have mini panic attacks in my head about all the sudden having 3 teeny little babies in only 13 weeks.
I do feel so blessed that absolutely everything has gone perfectly with my pregnancy so far. (when I say "perfectly" i'm not counting the sickness and exhaustion...obviously) Some of the books and blogs I read at the beginning of my pregnancy made it seem like 22 weeks would be almost impossible. And to be totally honest, every night when i'm laying in bed I breathe a sigh of relief that we went one more day without anything happening. I realize that's no way to live, but it is what it is.
If this didn't seem real before, it sure does now! Mostly because we've traded in our truck for a minivan. And listen, I've already seen all the disappointed looks from everyone :) But its seriously the most realistic car, 3 carseats in 1 row, plus room for the dogs and 2 strollers and whatever else. And I actually like it! Although the boy in the Taco Bell drive through who always comments on my truck is going to be sorely disappointed the next time I go for my Cheesy Gordita Crunch.
(too lazy to go actually take a pic of ours)

This is also my first week with no work! My doc told me it was time to slow down, and even though he didn't say I HAD to stop working yet, Matt did :) And I'm smarter than to ask "Are you sure?"  when Matt tells me to put my 2 weeks in. So now I sit at home, not being able to go shopping or walk a lot, but not on complete bed rest yet... and I might be a little bored. Thank goodness for Hulu, Netflix, Pinterest, facebook... So I welcome any visitors :)


Kristin said...

A bored Heather is a blogging Heather. This is great. ;) love the shirt. And that belly! It was so exciting to feel them for the first time! And listen, visit I shall. I'm thinking I want to schedule myself over there weekly. How are your Thursdays? Free? Great. See you every Thursday.

Adria said...

I love that you are blogging more!! Love the van, and the hot mom that drives it! xoxo