Saturday, May 14, 2011

WARNING: This might BuG you.

The other night Matt was in his office with the dogs. He saw them playing with something on the ground but didn't think anything of it. A couple of minutes later, Zoey came and rested her head on his leg like she always does so Matt looks down and....   BAM!
Whatever they were playing with obviously wasn't playing back, and must have stung or bit Zoey around her eye. It was pretty disgusting. And we never figured out what the bug was. But she's still with us so i'm guessing it wasn't poisonous. 
We loaded her up on benedryl, so that,combined with her pain pills because of her torn ACL (sad face) She had to of been feelin Goooooood. 
She kind of looks scary. Matt didn't let me look at it until the next morning. But he sure did bring her to bed with him because he felt so bad for her. My poor Zoey Boey. She's just gettin' beat up left and right. 

And needless to say, Matt sprayed the house for bugs the next day.

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