Monday, September 14, 2009

My Excuse For Not Blogging

If you watch the show, you know I really dont need to say anything else.
This show is addicting, we love it. We're a little behind, I know everyone else started watching it years ago... we're almost done with season 2 and season 6 starts in January. But with our 3-4 episodes a day i'm pretty sure we can catch up :)
If you dont hear from us for while its because The Office and House start up again soon too... we're gonna be busy. (and we're losers)
Our 2 favorite parts of the show...


Adria said...

is that your eye candy?:)

Kristin said...

Don't people normally drool over sexy movie stars because it'd be nice to look, or to be married to somebody who looks like that? I mean, grow your hair a few more months, pucker your lips, give Matt some steroids, and that's basically exactly what you both look like already.