Monday, August 26, 2013

63 Days

I can't believe the kiddos are already 2 months old. (2 days ago) And I REALLY can't believe everything they've been through and overcome in just two months. They are way stronger than me. I'm so amazed.
They are SO close to coming home, but not close enough. Hopefully in the next week or so Sterling and Jones will be home! Cash is just a little behind because of his lung problems. But he's working on it :)

Jones and Sterling both got their feeding tubes taken out today! They are eating really well from the bottle. So they just have to continue that, keep gaining weight, and they can't have any apnea spells that require us to stimulate them to get them to breathe... then they can come home! 

Can you believe how much she's changed in 2 months?!
I still can't wrap my head around it. 

and 2 months ago...

I can't believe this chunky guy was ever this small...

I cant say it enough, we feel SO incredibly blessed.
We have strong, healthy babies. 3 of them. 
We have encountered so many other parents in our same situation who were not so lucky, who have suffered so many more heartaches than we have had to. The other day we went to a little seminar the NICU had for parents to get together and there was a couple there talking about their experience. Going around the room talking about our different situations, other people told about how their babies had surgeries, or were deaf, and 2 of the parents had babies pass away. I CANNOT imagine. I can't even think about it. We realized that day just how lucky we are. I don't take for granted one single minute I have with each of my precious babies. I've been holding them a little tighter since that day. Someone has been watching over all of us. My babies are little miracles. 

Last weekend was the first time we were all together in the same room. 

Brother time :)
If only we knew what these two were planning. I said whatever it was, they better include their sister :)


Tami said...

LOVE that they're all doing so well! Adorable pics! Thanks for the updates!

Adria said...

Jones and Sterling look so different with all their tubes gone. So adorable. I seriously cannot believe how much they have changed in 2 months! Even the 3 weeks since I've seen them. It's amazing. I'm so excited for them to get to go home with you and Matty!!

Kristin said...

Dying. I'm dying! The pictures if all 5 of you in the same room??! Heaven. I'm so so so happy things are progressing right along. I can't believe you'll probably have 2 babies home before I get back! I love seeing you guys as parents. It's sort of surreal. And so so sweet. Thanks for the update!