Sunday, January 23, 2011

In with the New...

I saw this message from Kristin today:
"Hey, I know you just moved and everything, but I NEED to see some current blog posts. Furniture purchases, dogs eating snow, dogs peeing in snow... anything. Thanks. Miss you more than you know."

First of all, I'm a little surprised someone, even Kristin, still looks at our blog.
Second of all...Miss you too!
Third of all, If I have to do posts of our dogs peeing in the snow, I would probably say its time we shut down the blog because no blog-worthy things ever happen to us. :) Which is probably almost true. We aren't that exciting.
Any hoo. We've been in Utah for 4 weeks. I'm super homesick, but I love our new home :) I like to relate it to Betty White. Old and cute.
The dogs love their big backyard, and the snow. I had never heard a dog's teeth chatter before. Matt bought them a heating blanket then said "I thought about getting one for you too but..." Its cool Matt, dogs come first. I have my sweet new Zebra Snuggie to keep me warm.

I felt bad about them having to ride in the car for 10 hours. Then I turned around and saw this and I didn't feel so bad.
And next thing I knew, Matt was back there with them.

At least 4 people have joked with us saying they knew we were from AZ by the way we shoveled the snow on the driveway/walkway. PSH... I thought it was just fine.

I love having deer walking around our neighborhood every once in a while. And speaking of... will someone please tell Matt that Bambi is a BOY. He refuses to believe me.

Its fun decorating the house, picking out paint colors and buying new furniture (good thing i'll be done with school soon so I can get a job) Our favorite is our big leather sectional we just got. (It better be after what Matt and his cousin Nick went thru to get it home). I could easily spend my whole day on it. Not good.

Matt is having fun fixing things up around the house. He's turned into quite the Handy Man. (Or Handy Manny if you're a Disney fan)
I'm doing my externship at St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake. I LOVE it. Poor Matt has to listen to all my stories when I get home everyday.
Matt hasn't really had to be gone at all for work since we've been here, which is nice. That was getting ridiculous for a while. We've been able to spend a lot more time together.

Over all, we really like it here. Even though we have no friends yet and we're freezing.
And when they were showing Phoenix on Cops & Coyotes on tv, I teared up a little. Thank goodness for Facebook, Skype, and Southwest Airlines :)
Maybe when we finish up with the furniture and decorating we'll post some pics.
We miss everyone. Come visit us. A Lot.


Kristin said...
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Kristin said...

First of all, of course people read your blog. You have 10 followers! Ok, so two of them are me (well, todd and me, but I'm the only one that ever uses his log-in). Second of all, it was totally worth it to bug you about it because you definitely know how to deliver a good post. I laughed all the way through. Third of all, your house is so stinkin' cute. It looks SO COZY in the middle of all that snow! I love the pic of you kickin' it on the couch. You look like you're in heaven.

Love your face, miss it, see it soon!

Adria said...

I was totally going to text you today to tell you to update your blog! We have been dying to see pictures of you new place. Looks so cozy and adorable:) Can't wait to come visit!

Stevenson's said...

I love your cute place. Glad you guys are adjusting well. Don't freeze out there!

Tommy and Teisha said...

Your house is cute! We are going to have to get together this week... so at least you'll have one friend.

Destiny Stonehouse said...

Heather you crack me up! Can't wait to go visit you! :D